Deciding whether to move up in stakes on online poker is not an easy decision. The desire to make larger profits with bigger stakes pushes people to move up their stakes without thinking about the risks. It is good to take your stakes to the next level but doing it prematurely can cause dire consequences. Here are reasons you should not do it too quickly.


You’re not Confident Enough


Playing poker involves a lot of uncertainties hence there is no guarantee of winning if you raise your stakes to the next level. You’ll be better off waiting until you’re confident enough in your current level before you can go up. If you’re still too scared and think that the players in the next level are still more skillful than you, you’re bound to fail. Give it time until you see yourself beating the current limits then you’ll know you have the skills to move to the level with bigger stakes.


Poor Bankroll Management


Moving up is going to take a toll on your bankroll. If you’re not good at bankroll management, you should take time to master the skills first before moving up. Moving up prematurely can be a huge risk for your bankroll. Ensure your bankroll can manage the swings in the next level so that you don’t go bankrupt with just a few losses.


You’re Afraid to Move Back Down


Moving up can be both a gift and a curse in poker online indonesia. Doing it too quickly can put you at risk of experiencing a downswing. If you were not prepared for this mentally and financially, such turn of events can destroy you. That’s why it’s important to take your time before moving your stakes up so that you don’t go broke when swings go down. Concentrate on the game; learn all the skills so that by the time you move up, you will be better positioned to have chips flowing your way.


Your Win Rate is Not Positive Yet


Your winning rate and the return on investment is an important factor to consider before moving up. Keep track of your performance and see how you’re doing. The stats will also help you understand your strengths and weaknesses. Look at the net profit you’ve earned playing. If you don’t see a positive win rate and the return on investment is not too impressive either, you need to hold on a little bit before thinking of moving up.


Moving up in stakes is not something you’ll just wake up and decide. You need to prepare yourself mentally and financially. The best time to move up your stakes in online poker is the time you feel more comfortable.